Some people need drug rehab and high structure, while others get sober in a halfway house, sober living home or just by going to meetings. What should I do?

Whether you live here in Las Vegas, NV or elsewhere around the country, contenting with drug or alcohol addiction is no small task. In fact, the process of getting clean and sober is often a life-changing endeavor. So what does that mean exactly?

It is pretty much unheard of to see someone truly make an about-face and go from full-blown addiction to complete sobriety, without implementing some major changes in their life. People who get sober, whether by way of a recovery home or halfway house residence, an addiction treatment program or on their own, almost always have to change their social structure. This means breaking ties and making new friends, hanging out in different places, doing different activities, and so forth. They have to make new habits while breaking old ones. They have to learn to not give in to their instinctive desire and/or need to drink or use drugs. They have to endure their brain’s lacking ability to produce enough pleasure center chemicals as a result of their drug abuse. Like I said, getting clean and sober is often a life-changing endeavor.

Truth be told, most people cannot fully arrest a full-blown addiction on their own. In most cases, the drug addict will need to resign themselves to receiving outside help. Generally speaking, people will try the less intensive options first, such as; therapy or counseling, medication through a psychiatrist, or maybe outpatient treatment. In some cases this alone will suffice. However, in other cases it may not, especially when contending with drugs like heroin and crack-cocaine, which tend to grab a very tight hold over the user.

As the recovery industry has evolved over the past 20 to 30 years, new options have emerged as alternatives to traditional drug rehab. The advent of halfway houses and sober living homes (also referred to as addiction recovery houses) has created new avenues to sobriety. Some addicts and alcoholics simply cannot get and stay sober without immersing themselves in a structured living environment during the initial few months, or even longer at times.

For those who cannot attain sobriety through therapy (and possibly outpatient treatment) and/or 12-Step meetings alone, sober living housing is the next logical step.. Sometimes they call themselves a halfway house or recovery home, and they come with various levels of structure and pricing. The point is, these are often very effective for those who maybe are okay while in therapy or during daytime hours, but otherwise find themselves getting into trouble with relapse. One of the benefits to Las Vegas, Nevada as compared to other prominent regions nationwide is the availability of lower costing options in this regard. In fact, it’s not unheard of to hear of upscale sober living residences charging in excess of $2500 or even $5000 per month!

For those who require the highest amount of structure and complete loss of freedom, residential/inpatient drug & alcohol treatment is the answer. Some people simply cannot combat the grip their addiction has on them, and any bout of freedom, no matter how short it may be, is a guaranteed relapse. Though residential rehab often times has a phase system that enables the client to earn more and more freedom over time, it rarely kicks in during the initial 30 to 90 days.

This of course is a brief synopsis on the topic and much more could be said. We encourage you to do more research and do not hesitate to call or email us with questions…


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