Many sober living homes in Nevada (Las Vegas – Clark County) offer a nice recovery residence after drug rehab, and some go beyond with a network of therapy, treatment (IOP & PHP) and other recovery services.  

In recent years, the U.S. Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) has emphasized post-treatment recovery services as a key part of addiction recovery and lifelong sobriety. Several Nevada sober living homes offer addiction recovery services or connect residents who are newly sober to partner agencies that offer services.

Sober living homes are small, private, discreet residences, located in Nevada and throughout the U.S., offering a supportive environment for people in addiction recovery who have recently been discharged from inpatient treatment. They offer home-like amenities, include healthful meals, require adherence to rules, and are drug and alcohol free (of course!) to support residents’ sobriety. Central to their purpose, though, is fostering peer support and friendships among the residents. The best sober living homes are well connected to high quality recovery services in their neighborhoods, and resident counselors help newly sober residents take advantage of appropriate services and other opportunities, like:

    • Outpatient addiction treatment. After discharge from inpatient addiction treatment, people who choose sober living homes and those who choose to return to their own homes are encouraged to enroll in outpatient treatment. In addiction recovery outpatient treatment, people learn to manage their sobriety, foster internal resilience, make healthy choices, and develop their life skills. Outpatient addiction treatment programs typically use a combination of group sessions and individual counseling to build each patient’s treatment plan.
    • Sober coaches. Sober coaching is a newer tactic to foster recovery, and Nevada leads the nation in sober coaches. In addition to directing residents to 12-step or other recovery support groups, sober living homes also help residents find coaches. Coaches meet regularly, one-to-one, with clients, helping them develop and act on their recovery plans, encouraging accountability, and directing to other supportive resources..
    • Alumni community. Developing a new sober community and relying on peer supports are evidence-based components of addiction recovery and lifelong sobriety. The friendships made during a stay in a sober living residence are a sound basis for the peer support network and some sober living residences provide tools for their communities of alumni. Private Facebook groups, e-mail listservs, or meet-ups in Nevada or other areas help people stay in touch.

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