Recovery Coaches and Sober Companions in Las Vegas, Nevada


Clark County, NV (Henderson & Las Vegas) has many recovery-sober coaching & companion options available, which can help support a sober living experience.


Over the past 20 to 30 years there has been a growing number and popularity of recovery coaches (aka. sober coaches) and coaching services. This has been especially so in more recovery-prominent areas throughout the country, such as California, Florida, Texas, Pennsylvania, and yes, Las Vegas, Nevada.

Much as life coaches often times specialize in certain areas, like executive, success, or relationship coaching, recovery coaches specialize in working with people struggling in areas of drug addiction, alcoholism, process addictions, and, at times, co-occurring mental health illnesses. In fact, in some instances, you will even find certified life coaches with backgrounds in substance abuse therapy that can act as both, life coach and recovery coach.

Over recent years it has also become more common to see people in active addiction going the route of sober living or a similar type of halfway house or recovery housing environment, rather than residential drug treatment. This is especially common among those with no health insurance and/or limited financial resources. However, in cases where a newly sober individual goes the route of a recovery home rather than treatment, and also has financial resources, either their own or through family/friends, we have noticed great success in many instances when he or she incorporates the services of a recovery coach within their stay in sober living.

Common Recovery Coaching Services:

  • Introduction to the sober way of living & thinking, and its core elements
  • Sober companion, accompaniment & transport services
  • Assistance with seemingly overwhelming tasks/issues: legal & court matters, family issues, etc.
  • Assistance with work & education planning and follow-through
  • Exceptionally beneficial in cases of failure-to-launch young adults, from common daily tasks to deeper life matters
  • And more…
Recovery Coaching in Sober Living

When a drug addict in active addiction enters a high-structure halfway house or recovery residence it greatly helps to build that initial foundation in sobriety. The majority of sober living homes, however, at least the more affordable ones, are not considered high-structure, and those are the types of recovery environments in which a resident can greatly benefit by having a sober coach on the side. Not only does it provide oversight during idle time, which is when relapse commonly occurs, but it turns that oversight time into time that the client can proactively move forward in their own recovery.

In nearly all cases, a recovery coach will also promote themselves as a sober companion. The time one spends providing sober companion (or accompaniment) services is going to be based on more of an oversight role. In a case, for instance, when a newly sober individual needs to fly somewhere unfamiliar and with little accountability, or maybe to somewhere that is familiar but in a bad way, having a sober companion is basically an additional hurdle between them and relapse. The funny thing is that it’s scenarios like this where there’s time to kill that are perfectly suited as an opportunity to engage in valuable, early recovery discourse with a well trained and experienced sober coach. To seek out someone who is nothing more than a sober companion, with nothing else to offer, is not something most experienced clinicians would recommend.

On a final note; whether you are in some type of sober living or halfway house environment or not, keep in mind that sober-recovery coaches & companions are not mandated under any federal, state or local law to carry any licensing or credentials whatsoever. The same applies to life coaching. Anyone can wake up one morning and choose to call themselves a life coach or recovery coach. So keep that in mind and always do your diligence when seeking one out…

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