Continuing recovery after drug rehab: 5 things you must consider when seeking a sober living home after discharge from inpatient addiction treatment in Nevada.

Congratulations! You are just about to be discharged from inpatient treatment for alcohol or drug addiction. Combining a structured sober living home with an outpatient treatment program will help you transition to the next phase of recovery.

5 Things To Consider When Seeking A Sober Living Home in Nevada:

  1. Professional expertise: This is #1. A sober living residence is not a boarding house! Rather, t should be a structured program staffed by professionals, who have proven expertise in addiction treatment, recovery, sober living, and issues arising after alcohol and drug rehab. While still in inpatient addiction treatment, work with your discharge counselor to research sober living homes in northern Nevada that offer nearby outpatient drug rehab access.

  2. Reputation: Regulation of sober living homes and addiction treatment centers in Nevada, as well as around the country, is uneven. Some are inferior quality. Staff at your inpatient addiction center often know which to recommend. Unbiased web reviews can be helpful, if consulted judiciously.

  3. Location and amenities: You might be staying in this sober living home for anywhere from 1 to 6 months. Don’t you want this stage of addiction recovery to support your total well-being? When seeking sober living homes in cities like Reno, Sparks and Carson City, NV, be sure there is access to public transportation, volunteer or work, outpatient drug rehab, 12-step meetings and educational or leisure opportunities. Don’t be afraid to look for an upscale setting with the comforts of home—because you’ll need plenty of sound sleep, good nutrition, a calm environment, and exercise!

  4. Structured services: A stay at a sober living residence is neither a passive part of recovery nor a vacation. Rather, it’s the time when you rebuild your life. Your sober living home should be well-connected to recovery services like outpatient addiction treatment, 12-step, and physicians and therapists with experience in drug and alcohol addiction.

  5. Price: Know your budget, and understand the costs. Sober living homes in Nevada typically expect payments on a weekly basis. Increasing competition among providers often means that you can obtain an upscale experience at a reasonable price.

That’s your quick guide to seeking a sober living home after addiction treatment. As you take the next step in your recovery journey after drug rehab in the northern Nevada area, you’ll find high-quality, upscale and affordable sober living in the Reno, Sparks, and Carson City areas. For more information, please contact LYFE Recovery Services at 888-590-9691.

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