With too many stories of relapse, what do I need to do to avoid going in and out of drug rehab and be successful in my drug and alcohol addiction recovery.

Substance abuse followed by drug rehab and then relapse can lead to a vicious cycle of ongoing attempts at treatment and addiction recovery. Most people seeking drug rehab go into it with the expectation of learning healthy coping skills to prevent relapse. Unfortunately, these same people gravitate towards listening to advice from their peers as opposed to clinical staff at drug rehab facilities.

Addicts need to not only be selfish in early recovery, but also need to be gentle with themselves. Active addiction impacts the brain and it can take the brain anywhere from 12-18 months to recover from the damage done. For example, if a doctor conducts a PET scan of the brain 24 hours after last use, 6 months later and 12 months later, lay people will see just how different the scans are, thus reinforcing the need to take it easy and have patience with themselves.

The following list are actions you can take to prevent relapse:

• Get a sponsor and get in the habit of calling him/her daily.
• Attend 90 12-step meetings in 90 days.
• Identify a home group and get a commitment.
• Build a sober support group of people who have time in addiction recovery.
• Don’t get into a relationship in early recovery.
• Listen to clinical suggestions provided by the drug rehab.
• Exercise at least 3 times per week.
• Make sure you are eating regularly scheduled meals.
• Don’t get to hungry, angry, lonely or tired. (HALT)
• Stay on a schedule – work, school or volunteer.
• Tell on yourself when thoughts of drug use or relapse first enter your mind.
• Ask for help!
• Get a hobby and learn to have fun in sobriety!

Simply because people are in addiction recovery, does not mean that anything has changed. Old behaviors such as dishonesty and manipulation may remain prevalent. Addiction recovery teaches people not only how to remain abstinent, but how to live a good, honest life.

The best advice I can give you is to STAY OUT OF YOUR OWN WAY!

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