Denying Addiction with the Courage of Recovery

The decision to get sober while under the cloud of addiction is courageous, and New Lyfe Solutions is right here by your side



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There are many sober living home options here in Las Vegas, some good and some not so good. New Lyfe Recovery always strives to be at the top of that list, but some things we have no control over. Success while living in a recovery home is always easier to achieve when you keep an open mind. Sharing a 2 person room, having limited kitchen space, occasionally having to wait for the washing machine, or anything else of the sort, things like this will happen at times. Keep an open mind, it’s meaningless in the grand scheme, and that loss of total privacy can actually result in some huge benefits. What are they? Come on, experience for yourself…


Some men and women come to sober living after a stay in drug rehab. They use this phase as a transition between treatment and real life on a full time basis. Other people might enter a sober living or some level of addiction recovery housing as a means for getting sober. As such, we look at each resident individually. For instance, someone with 50 days clean is likely to have less restriction than someone with 5 days clean. Whatever your story is, we are here to guide you, inspire you, and help you to build a foundation in sobriety that can last a lifetime.


The company one keeps generally says a lot about a person.  People who are active in their sobriety will generally not hang out with those who are active in their drug addiction. Getting sober and staying sober is uncomfortable at times, Frustrations will arise, especially when you can’t mask it with drugs & alcohol. These are just two of many reasons we are always encouraging New Lyfe clients to hang out together, do things together and use each other for support and encouragement. Additionally, Las Vegas and Henderson, NV both have strong and vibrant outside sober communities. We encourage New Lyfe residents to integrate within these groups and create strong bonds and support systems. The fact is that loners generally have a harder time staying sober, and when they do its often times low quality recovery


The few sober living homes out here with strong, positive track records, and which are viewed as consistently operating with  greater integrity,  generally share a few common traits. These types of recovery residences operate with the key objective of always striving to do that which is in the client’s best interest. At New Lyfe Solutions it is always our goal to top the list of the these higher level sober livings. However, we actually try to take it a step further by offering an upscale sober housing environment, while charging less than one would expect.

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